The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program supports future generations of leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math in the United States and Israel and, over time, fosters greater collaboration between the world’s most advanced scientific research centers.


Zuckerman Scholars enjoy unique programming and activities specially organized for them by the host universities, such as touring, educational experiences, and social programs. These programs are aimed at strengthening the scholars’ knowledge of and connection to Israel, and at cultivating an esprit de corps within the program, enabling them to exchange ideas and foster new relationships.

Candidates for the Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program are assessed based on their academic and research achievements, qualities of personal merit and leadership.

“At a time when collaboration is essential to advanced scientific research, this program gives the next generations of leading American and Israeli academics the ability to work together on cutting-edge research in ways that stand to benefit their fields for years to come.
– Mortimer B. Zuckerman

The program will provide scholarships over the next 20 years through the following initiatives:

The Zuckerman Postdoctoral Scholars Program

attracts high achieving postdoctoral scholars from premier universities in the United States to do research at one of seven Israeli universities. Once they complete their research, many Zuckerman postdocs are expected to accept faculty positions at top North American universities, weaving a network of academic collaboration and goodwill that will greatly benefit US Israeli scientific cooperation.

The Zuckerman Faculty Scholars Program

provides vital resources to Israeli universities, allowing them to compete with top North American institutions for the most promising candidates. The program facilitates the return of top Israeli scholars to Israeli institutions, cultivates world class scientific talent, and in turn, attracts outstanding postdoctoral researchers from top Western universities, creating a cycle of excellence.

The Zuckerman Israeli Postdoctoral Scholars Program

provides additional support to Israeli researchers who have been accepted to a postdoctoral program with a stipend at an American university.

Providing American graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with exposure to Israel’s renowned cutting edge research and startup culture will create a generation of academic, scientific and industry leaders in the United States infused with a unique spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Providing Israeli institutions with access to the large scale funding needed to develop top tier research labs, projects, and programs will bolster Israeli research institutions as world leading centers for advanced research.

Over time, the US Israel partnership will be strengthened as Zuckerman Scholars return to the United States after building long lasting relationships based on mutual collaboration. Israeli academic leaders returning to research institutions in Israel will similarly advance the overarching collaborative effort in science between the two nations as they continue to build bridges with their American colleagues.