Dr. Adi Domer

Dr. Adi Domer
Dr. Adi Domer
Israeli Postdoctoral Scholar
At UC Berkeley

As an ecologist with an evolutionary perspective, Adi Yechezkel-Domer tries to study her biological subjects from many different aspects. For her PhD at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s Department of Life Sciences, she investigated how variation among stopover sites affects the body condition of birds during migration, while also taking an ecological perspective, investigating the effect of riparian vegetation clear-cutting on the birds’ biodiversity. On the side, she also explored the effect of artificial illumination and noise pollution on bats’ drinking and foraging behavior, as well as the ecology and behavior of several reptiles in the dunes of the Israeli Negev.

For her postdoc at the University of California, Berkeley’s Department of Integrative Biology, she investigates hummingbirds who, like other birds, consistently maintain blood glucose levels that would be dangerously high in mammals. This hyperglycemia may hold potential benefits for fuel storage and weight saving for flight. Dr. Yechezkel-Domer tests these naturally hyperglycemic animals by feeding them different dietary metabolites and identifying the molecular underpinnings of bird glucose regulation in hopes of understanding natural and pathology-free models of type II diabetes, enabling a better understanding of human hyperglycemia and of the diabetic condition.

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