Dr. David Greenberg

Dr. David Greenberg
Dr. David Greenberg
Postdoctoral Scholar
At Bar-Ilan University

Dr. Greenberg’s PhD in Psychology is from the University of Cambridge, UK.  He has published in leading journals including the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences and Psychological Science, and received an early career research award from the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music. At the Department of Social Sciences at Bar-Ilan, he will examine endocrine and behavioural markers of synchrony (systematic motor and affective coordination between the therapist and the client) in an attempt to see if psychoacoustic interventions (music therapy) can improve clinical outcomes in autistic adults. He hopes his research will lay the groundwork for future interventions and studies that use systemizing approaches like music as interventions in autism. It will be a much-needed advancement in the literature on the evidence basis of music-based therapies. Importantly, it will inform clinical guidelines for practitioners such as music therapists, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Dr. Greenberg believes in “dreaming big” and surrounding himself with people who can make his vision a reality. He hopes to return to the Northeastern region of the US, noting that his primary research interest, autism, has the highest prevalence rate in New Jersey, with 1 in 34 children being diagnosed there.

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