Dr. Eric David Kramer

Dr. Eric David Kramer
Dr. Eric David Kramer
Postdoctoral Scholar
At The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Kramer earned his PhD in theoretical physics at Harvard University. He has worked in theoretical particle physics, theoretical astrophysics, and cosmology. His thesis topic was “Observational Constraints on Dissipative Dark Matter,” and he continues to be interested in the multidisciplinary aspects of dark matter searches, an area that is an increasingly important focus for particle physicists.

Dr. Kramer will be working at the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he will be able to collaborate with several other researchers who are also interested in dark matter. He hopes to be able to use emerging data from Gaia, a European Space Agency mission that is charting a three-dimensional map of the Milky Way. One colleague commented that Dr. Kramer’s work “takes dark matter in new directions—and these new ideas are needed in order to make big breakthroughs.

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