Dr. Ivan Orozco

Dr. Ivan Orozco
Dr. Ivan Orozco
Postdoctoral Scholar
At Weizmann Institute of Science

During his PhD in the Department of Chemistry at Stony Brook University, Ivan Orozco was an active member of research groups at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, near Stony Brook, and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California. At Berkeley, he used the Advanced Light Source beamlines for his projects in the field of heterogeneous catalysis. At Brookhaven, he was a member of the Catalysis: Reactivity and Structure Group, where he studied how inverse oxide/metal catalysts operate when generating methanol by the hydrogenation of CO2 or by the partial oxidation of methane.

For his postdoctoral research in the Faculty of Chemistry at the Weizmann Institute of Science, a significant part of Dr. Orozco’s research also takes place in the Molecular Foundry and Advanced Light Source facilities at Berkeley, because there is no synchrotron facility in Israel, and the combination of spectroscopy with diffactometry currently only exists in Berkeley. He explores the selective hydrogenation of acetylene to ethylene over ceria surfaces. He hopes that achieving an atomic-level understanding of how metal oxide catalysts facilitate chemical transformations and energy storage in the form of chemical bonds is a step towards addressing future energy demands in a sustainable way.

Dr. Orozco believes that the Zuckerman postdoc program’s fostering of research collaborations within a comprehensive and capable scientific research community is essential for creating long-lasting academic connections among a network of world-class talent. And the program’s explicit funding for research travel and professional conferences is also important for disseminating results to the scientific community at large. Demonstrating this, perhaps, is the fact that Dr. Orozco’s advisor at Weizmann is Zuckerman Faculty Scholar Baran Eren.

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