Dr. Ivo Spiegel

Dr. Ivo Spiegel
Dr. Ivo Spiegel
Faculty Scholar
At Weizmann Institute of Science

Dr. Spiegel returns to the Weizmann Institute, where he received his MSc and PhD in the Department of Molecular Cell Biology. He will be joining the Department of Neurobiology. Dr. Spiegel was born in Basel, Switzerland, and moved to Israel after high school. He went to Tel Aviv University, where he became fascinated by molecular and cellular biology, and by neuroscience. His career was at first devoted to neuronal cell biology, but during his postdoctoral work at Harvard Medical School, he decided to shift to the challenging question of how gene regulation programs control circuit formation in the brain. His multidisciplinary approach has been highly praised.

At Weizmann, Dr. Spiegel’s independent research group attempts to identify the molecular and cellular mechanisms through which experience alters the structure and function of neural circuits in the brain in behaviorally relevant ways and to understand how these processes, when they go awry, might give rise to psychiatric disorders. Dr. Spiegel has three daughters.

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