Dr. Laura McCaslin

Dr. Laura McCaslin
Dr. Laura McCaslin
Postdoctoral Scholar
At The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. McCaslin received her PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Texas at Austin. As part of her studies, she constructed and benchmarked novel atomic natural orbital-type basis sets for use in spin-free exact two-component relativistic calculations, designed and built a module to analytically transform full quartic force fields and vibrational/rotational parameters between isotopomers, and performed vibrational and rotational calculations in collaboration with experimental chemists to assign spectra and calculate best-fit structures.

Dr. McCaslin has enjoyed teaching and leading from a young age, and during summers in college she organized four 14-day leadership workshops. In graduate school she participated in the Inspire Mentorship Program where she assisted an undergraduate student in preparing a research paper and presentation on the topic of women’s underrepresentation in STEM fields. The student then presented at the 21st Annual Conference on Emerging Scholarship in Women’s and Gender Studies.

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