Dr. Matan Harel
Dr. Matan Harel
Postdoctoral Scholar
At Tel Aviv University

Many random systems that describe the physical world, even those with very simple descriptions, can have dramatically different behaviors at different temperatures, such as solid ice turning to liquid water at a prescribed temperature. This phenomenon has been a major field of study in both the physical and mathematical communities, providing insight into how simple atoms create complex materials. Dr. Harel is interested in taking the many insights gained by physicists and giving them a rigorous mathematical basis.

This field of study lies at the intersection of many mathematical fields, such as probability theory, analysis, combinatorics, and exactly solvable systems. Dr. Harel is very excited to continue his research in Tel Aviv University, where he hopes to participate in the groundbreaking work led by Prof. Ron Peled, as well as reap the benefits of being part of the wider mathematical community in Israel.