Dr. Samuel McCauley

Dr. Samuel McCauley
Dr. Samuel McCauley
Postdoctoral Scholar
At Bar-Ilan University

Dr. McCauley did his PhD in Computer Science at Stony Brook University, and recently completed a postdoc at the IT University of Copenhagen. At Bar-Ilan, he will be working on algorithms and data structures which use techniques like structural insights and randomness to solve fundamental problems. He is particularly interested in data structures for hashing, external memory, and similarity search.

Organizing data to improve access speeds is becoming more and more important in computer science as datasets become larger and spread across more machines. Previous work has shown an enormous amount of potential for mathematical insights to improve this organization, motivating modern research into data structures. Along the same lines, worst-case (rather than average or heuristic) guarantees have particular applications in this area, as these translate into better response times for users. These kinds of considerations motivate Dr. McCauley’s work.

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