Dr. Zev Rosengarten

Dr. Zev Rosengarten
Dr. Zev Rosengarten
Postdoctoral Scholar
At The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Rosengarten received his PhD in Mathematics at Stanford University. His work, in arithmetic algebraic geometry, and his thesis—on the Tamagawa numbers of linear algebraic groups over function fields—have been recognized as deep and original. At the Einstein Institute of Mathematics at Hebrew University, he will be working on the arithmetic of algebraic groups.

Dr. Rosengarten was an illuminating graduate student speaker, able to get to the heart of an idea, without a lot of abstraction. In two separate summers, he served as head counselor at the Ross Mathematics Program at Ohio State University, an intensive and highly regarded math camp for high school students. Many famous mathematicians made their first strides there as teen-agers. In the future, he plans to continue working with students, since, he notes, “it is essential for the field that older mathematicians mentor younger ones.”

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