Dr. Jacqueline Warren

Dr. Jacqueline Warren
Dr. Jacqueline Warren
Postdoctoral Scholar
At Tel Aviv University

For her PhD research in Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), Jacqueline Warren explored homogeneous dynamics, a field that sits at the intersection of algebra, geometry, and analysis. As a postdoctoral scholar at Tel Aviv University, she explores the geometric angle more closely, using homogeneous dynamics to study infinite volume 3-manifolds using geodesic planes.  Manifolds are shapes that “look Euclidean” at small scale. For example, the Earth is spherical but is perceived to be flat. Thus, a sphere is an example of a 2-manifold, where 2 represents a 2-dimensional surface. In physics, space-time is a manifold, and manifolds called Lie groups, Dr. Warren’s topic of study, can be used to describe the symmetries of particles. Thus, understanding these objects has concrete applications.

Dr. Warren chose to study in Israel due to its international reputation for research in dynamical systems and related areas. She looks forward to furthering international collaboration, which she has already begun with her multiple professional connections in both Canada and the US.  A talented teacher who has worked hard to reduce the number of failing students in her courses (a real challenge in advanced mathematics), Dr. Warren successfully adapted her courses to run online. She looks forward to continued connections with future students, benefitting the mathematical community in this way as well.

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