Angela B. Grommet

Angela B. Grommet
Angela B. Grommet
Coordination Cages as Permanently Porous Ionic Liquids
Weizmann Institute of Science

As a 2018-19 Zuckerman Postdoctoral Scholar at Weizmann Institute of Science, Dr. Angela Grommet studied decorating nanoparticles with coordination cages to develop a drug delivery vehicle for improved cancer treatment.

This was based on research she conducted on liquid molecules as a PhD candidate at Cambridge University, a study that was recently published in the scientific journal Nature Chemistry. The article, Coordination Cages As Permanently Porous Ionic Liquids, was also featured in C&EN News and Chemistry World.

The Cambridge research team created a porous, hole-filled liquid—the first of its kind—in which each one of the liquid’s molecules contains a cavity. Much like a liquid sponge, the holes can be used to encapsulate molecules from the atmosphere, like CFC pollutants.

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