Itay Tirosh

Itay Tirosh
Itay Tirosh
Congratulations! Zuckerman Faculty Scholar Itay Tirosh awarded the NET Research Foundation (NETRF) grant

Congratulations to Dr. Itay Tirosh, Zuckerman Faculty Scholar at the Molecular Cell Biology Department at Weizmann Institute of Science. Dr. Tirosh heads one of the 12 research groups that have been awarded a grant from the NET Research Foundation (NETRF) of Boston, MA.

The foundation announced $3.5 million in neuroendocrine tumor (NET) research grants to fund 12 leading scientists at renowned institutions around the world in pursuit of more precise treatments for this uncommon cancer.

Tirosh will comprehensively characterize the cellular diversity of NETs through single-cell genomic technologies and perform extensive analyses to compare NET composition with healthy tissues and other cancer types to improve our understanding of tumor behavior, with the ultimate goal of developing better cancer treatments.

Understanding NETs at this level will provide new insights into the many different cell types that comprise a single NET. This analysis may ultimately contribute to uncovering new genes, and could lead to improved treatment options that may overcome drug resistance.

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