Roey Schurr

Roey Schurr
Roey Schurr
Neurological study led by Zuckerman Israeli Postdoctoral Scholar, Roey Schurr, developed a new method to analyze samples of the brain’s white matter, something that was previously difficult to do
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Zuckerman Israeli Postdoctoral Scholar Dr. Roey Schurr led a neurological study which has developed a new method of analyzing samples of the brain’s white matter — something that was previously difficult to do.

Dr. Schurr and research team are the first to use Nissl stained brain slices to reveal fiber pathways in white matter.

This new technique, named “Nissl-ST” (Nissl-based Structure Tensor) by HU researchers, can be applied to any brain slices that have undergone Nissl staining. Nissl staining is also widely available and universally used, so this breakthrough in white matter research will help research teams across the globe unearth their own discoveries.

“It was just curiosity,” explains Dr. Schurr. “Textbooks are full of illustrations, but I wanted to understand what the white matter of the brain actually looked like.”

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