webinar series 2

The road to my own advanced lab - Series 2 ‘Big Wednesday’

From Postdoc in the US to My Own Lab in Israel
Valuable advice from Zuckerman STEM Scholars who succeeded
The Zuckerman Institute, in cooperation with Science Abroad, invites you to a series of webinars hosted by our own Zuckerman Faculty Scholars on what goes into running and maintaining a successful lab.

‘Big Wednesday’ begins in September 2022.
This is the second series of webinars offered by the Zuckerman Scholars Program and Science Abroad. We are proud of our partnership with Science Abroad, which contributes to the Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program’s outreach to Israeli scientists in the United States.

Upcoming webinars
Wednesday September 28
Building Meaningful Collaboration
Presented by Zuckerman Faculty Scholar Yoav Shechtman, Nano-Bio-Optics Lab, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
What are the best practices for building meaningful collaborations? This webinar will offer recommendations and advice on how build a framework that divides work between groups, and recognizes the contributions of each participant in the collaboration. Understanding internal departmental partnerships as well as industry partnerships, their advantages/ disadvantages; and the evaluation processes at the end of the project.
Wednesday October 12
Project Management
Presented by Zuckerman Faculty Scholar Michal Ramot, Ramot Lab, Weizmann Institute of Science
How do you manage a project when you’re the boss? This webinar will look at goal setting and planning, self-management, and motivation. We will also look at assertiveness, risk management, and time management between projects and across team members.
Wednesday October 26
Teaching: Building a Syllabus, Class Planning and more
Presented By Zuckerman Faculty Scholar Dr. Danny Ben-Zvi, Ben-Zvi Lab, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
What are the best practices for engaging and recruiting students? This webinar will look at building a course syllabus; planning and delivering impactful and engaging lectures; strategies for active and online learning; using teaching as a recruiting tool; and balancing teaching with lab work.
Wednesday November 09
Managing Negotiations, Good Communications and More
Presented by Dr. Dekel Rosenfeld, Dekel Rosenfeld Lab, Tel Aviv University
What does it take to develop a good rapport with those in your lab? This webinar will look at a variety of interaction styles; building and maintaining relationships; inspiring staff; effective interview questions and techniques, student/employee training; and giving feedback and coaching (yes, here too!)
Previous Webinars
Wednesday September 14
Leadership and Management
Presented by Zuckerman Faculty Scholar Moran Dvela-Levitt Lab, Bar Ilan University
How do you form and build your own leadership and management style for your research group? This webinar will cover strategy building; training and coaching students; delegating authority (and how to let go); effective problem solving and conflict resolution; running effective meetings; and recruitment.